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A Reign of Kings Community.


Here at Metropolitan Emergency Service RPC we always strive towards excellence. The best way to do this is through a strong and realistic divisional structure.

Emergency Response Team

The Emergency Response Team is the biggest and most widely available division in the Metropolitan Police. It is also the first division that any of our new applicants go to. The division is fully equip will all the latest technology and cars.

Roads Transport Policing Command

RTPC is one of our specialist divisions, they are geared out to the max with the best and most powerful cars, not to mention individually geared up with traffic control equipment and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras.

Specialist Crimes and Operations 19

SC&O19 is the Firearms division of the Metropolitan Police. They use a variety of specialist equipment and vehicles to achieve the ultimate goal: protect the public from various calls including armed people and major threats.

Criminal Investigation Department

CID are the division devoted to investigations. They deal with everything from simple store robberies to murder cases. They use a variety of forensic techniques to track down the culprit and bring them to justice.

Central Communications Command

The Central Communications Command is the center of all communications in the MET Police. They receive, dispatch and deal with calls. They are the first line of communication between Control and Officers.

Resource Management Unit

The Resource Management Unit deal with all of the services out of the MET Police in our community. They deal with: LAS, LFB, Recovery, NPAS, HEMS and more.